The name is Kai. If you are unsure how to pronounce it, say, “sky” and then remove the S. There, you got it! Growing up I hated the name. Both because nobody knew how to pronounce it and also because I was constantly reminded by my traditionally Caribbean loved ones that it was a name unfit for a girl. Passed down from an Amerindian chief, my parents told me it was a name that I should be proud of no matter the person I got it from. Growing up with a Rastafari father, and a hippy-sociologist mother, my parents found beauty in being different. They taught me the world is what you make it, and that limitations are made to be broken. 

Yes, maybe this sounds inspiring on paper, but seemingly (like many things people do), it backfired. I am now a 21 year old soon-to-be university graduate with too many interests and not enough passions. As someone who suffers from indecisiveness, the privilege of having so many choices has been wasted on me. 

This blog is going to be everything and nothing you are looking for all at once. With my many interests from fashion to Frank Ocean to traveling and back to Frank Ocean, you will not know what to expect. I just may surprise you. You will have to stay tuned to truly experience all that this erratic brain has to offer. 

With lots of love, 

Kai (like the sky)